Q&A with Lizbeth Rangel, Lenovo Scholar Network Student Participant

Publisher’s note: Following the announcement of the five Lenovo Scholar Network finalists, we will be featuring high school students who participated in the Lenovo Scholar Network Mobile App Competition. Check back throughout the summer to hear more about the participating students and the apps they created! – Lenovo Education

Q&A with Lizbeth Rangel, Lenovo Scholar Network student participant, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology in Charlotte, NC.

Q: What mobile app did you create?

Through the Lenovo Scholar Network, I decided to create Sukario Kids, a communications app that helps parents stay informed about their diabetics child’s health throughout the day by allowing them to communicate with the school nurse.

Q: Why did you create this app?

I saw an opportunity to solve a problem that would help improve the lives of diabetic children. Sukario Kids was actually created as a subsidiary app while working towards developing Sukario, an on-the-go blood analyzer and recorder.

Q: What are the biggest takeaways you received from participating in the Lenovo Scholar Network?

Not only did I get to create an entirely new app through the Lenovo Scholar Network, but I also was able to gain insight into the entire process from start to finish – including market research, promotion, networking, record keeping, presentations, etc. I was able to work on all of these aspects of the development process firsthand and gain structured experience.

Q: What are some benefits you gained by participating in the mobile app program?

As part of the program, the Lenovo Scholars from our school were invited to visit the Lenovo Headquarters in Morrisville, NC. We were able to view Lenovo’s latest gadgets for both commercial and household consumers and also had the opportunity to tour the campus – from visiting the marketing and sales departments to seeing where software implementation and hardware building, specifically for their servers, takes place.

Along with that, we each had the opportunity to be paired up with a Lenovo employee for a one-on-one session based on our specific career interests, which was extremely valuable.

Q: Anything else we should know?

Although our involvement in the Lenovo Scholar Network program is coming to a close, we’re not going to stop now. Thanks to both Lenovo and NAF, we were able to create not only an app but a potential business. My development partner and I plan to continue to work on the improvement of Sukario Kids, along with our initial goal of creating Sukario, the mobile on-the-go blood analyzer and recorder. We hope that with both of these apps we will be able to change the way healthcare is seen today and innovate it to keep up with this growing technological world.

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