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NAF is now accepting applications from NAF academies in good standing to join the Lenovo Scholar Network for 2017-18. Program information be found here. LSN Year 4 FAQ’s can be found below. Applications are due August 1, 2017. Please address any inquiries regarding the Lenovo Scholar Network to NAF


Q: What is the Lenovo Scholar Network?

A: Lenovo together with NAF bring a robust mobile app development curriculum and delivery program to NAF academies in the United States. The two organizations provide innovative curriculum and technology to provide exposure and encourage interest among high school students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). This program, called the Lenovo Scholar Network, is specially designed to enable the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs from these communities.

Using the MIT App Inventor service developed by the Center for Mobile Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a joint project of the MIT Media Lab and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Lenovo and NAF’s unique mobile app development program is catered to reaching students from urban, underrepresented communities.

Q: What does the expansion for Year 4 look like?

A: Made possible by a $1 million grant renewal from Lenovo, the expansion of the Lenovo Scholar Network with further Lenovo’s commitment to STEM education and provide funding and Lenovo technology over the next three years for select NAF academies across the country, with the goal of adding an additional 20,000 students. Nearly 4,000 students are estimated to participate in the Lenovo Scholar Network during the 2017-2018 school year.

Q: What’s new this year?

A: Additionally, through this expanded partnership, the benefits of the Lenovo Scholar Network program and Lenovo technology will reach communities with an untapped potential to advance their programming around STEM education. Partnership benefits also now include allowing students the opportunity to earn NAFTrack Certification credit, as part of Lenovo’s commitment as a NAFTrack Certified Hiring Partner, and expanding employee engagement opportunities with Lenovo, such as Lenovo in the Classroom day.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the national mobile app development competition?

A: NAF academies that are part of the Lenovo Scholar Network are eligible to submit two apps into the annual competition.

Q: How can schools choose to incorporate the Lenovo Scholar Network program? Does it have to be during class time?

A: The program may be incorporated into class time or at other times at the principal/teacher/program lead’s discretion. In the past, the program has been offered as an after-school activity or during a free period. As long as students are given enough time to complete the projects, showcases, and apps required, it is up to the academy to decide how they will incorporate the program, based on their schedule and the availability of a program lead.

Q: What are some ways academies can publicize their projects and involvement with the Lenovo Scholar Network?

A: NAF’s Marketing and Communications department prepares and uploads communications toolkit materials in the Marketing Library on ASH. These materials include: template press releases; social media sample posts and images; and more and will allow your academy to share your good news! Additionally, the Academy Moments page on Lenovo feature your photos from local showcases, visits, events, and more. You can send them to or upload them right to!

To streamline this process even more, academies will sometimes be asked to provide additional photos and/or video to further promote their accomplishments – such as being a finalist in the national mobile app development competition. Additionally, opportunities for contributed blog posts will arise around events such as hackathons, mobile app development, and other events and the NAF Marketing and Communication’s team will be on hand to edit the blog and make it website-ready!

Q: What kind of PD is available for teachers?

A: NAF and MIT work together to provide technical assistance and to develop support materials for teachers using MIT App Inventor. In conjunction with MIT, teachers receive access to a self-guided course for teachers on App Inventor, in-person training opportunities, and biweekly online “open office hours” with MIT staff. In addition, this year two Lenovo Scholar Network teachers will be selected to participate in a three-day Master Trainers Program in Educational Mobile Computing at MIT. Tuition in the program and a travel expenses will be provided for the selected teachers.

Q: How can I find out more?

A: Please visit for more information about the program, as well as educational videos and highlights including “Lenovo in the Classroom Day”. You can also access student blogs, academy moments, and more!

You can also join us for an informational webinar on Monday, June 5 at 2pm EDT or Or email your questions to

Register for the webinar here.